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French Revolution vs. the Haitian Revolution - 762 Words

The French Revolution vs. The Haitian Revolution A revolution is a shift, a turning point, a change in government. A revolution usually occurs when the majority of a nation is frustrated with the economic, political, or the social situation of their country. Two very interesting revolutions were the Haitian and the French revolutions. While the Haitian and French revolutions took place in close proximity to one another, the cause for the revolutions and results were quite different. The political situation at the time of the revolution was the white French planters who owned the large cotton, tobacco, and sugar cane plantations. Then came the Petit Blanc who were the artisans and workers. The Petit Blancs had some slaves but were†¦show more content†¦While these were different causes for the revolutions, both revolutions did involve an insistence on fairness by the lower income population and a rejection of the status quo. The results of the two revolutions were very different. In Haiti, the slaves killed thousands of planters leading to the realization by France that it could not continue to rule. But the French required Haiti had to pay billions of dollars to France for damages to FrenchShow MoreRelatedOutline Of The Declaration Of Independence1704 Words   |  7 PagesThe Treaty Alliance of 1778 was an alliance created between the United States and France during American Revolution. The alliance gave the United States a significant advantage as they had additional troops and supplies. 3. Articles of Confederation 1781-1789 †¢ The Articles of Confederation was America’s first constitution. The Articles of Confederation was written during the American Revolution and established the powers of the new government. The document was weak and ultimately didn’t last veryRead MoreAfrican Spirituality The Pivotal Force Of Slave Resistance1922 Words   |  8 Pages Tacky Revolution 1760, and the Haitian Revolution 1791. The Africans brought with them many traditions to the America’s as well as developed many through syncretism between their beliefs and European ideologies. The importance of spiritualty was henceforth reinforced by Europeans through the enacting of laws and the establishment of codes as machines of control.1Therefore, I argue that slave resistances and subsequent revolts of the Tacky Revolution 1736, Bahia Revolts 1807-1835, Haitian RevolutionRead MoreHistory3241 Words   |  13 PagesExam 2: Chapter 28-32 Atlantic revolutions (American, French, Haitian, Latin America) Rise of nationalism Industrialization Global transitions: the americas, the ottoman empire, Romanov Russia, Qin China, Japan. Global empires. Atlantic Revolutions: In the early modern period (1450-1750. Period of early European exploration and contact. It caused the establishment of european commercial empires. Primary tributary, it focused on trade, and some settler comics. This caused there to beRead MoreHaiti: The Corruptions of Imperialism Reigns Essay1325 Words   |  6 PagesHaiti (and similar countries). In 1804, Haitian slaves managed to gain independence from France as their rebellion. However, the United States (and many other superpowers) backed France in not recognizing their independence for fear of more slave revolutions. They required that Haiti pay reparations amounting to 150 million francs, which bankrupted the new nation. Not too long after, the United States military invaded Haiti, killed over 2000 Haitians, and occupied the country for 19 years (1915-1934)Read MoreThe Past Occurrences Of African Americans1202 Words   |  5 Pagesdefied the common outcome. The Haitian Revolution, a massive slave-led revolt that successfully resisted all forces from the French, Spanish, and English. As a result, on â€Å"January 1, 1804† Haiti declared independence (Clayborne 138). The successful uprising sent waves of hope throughout the United States, in hopes that similar success would be experienced. However, many never developed, or failed before fruition. This theme continued well beyond the era of Haitian inspired riots. One of the mostRead More The United States and Cuba: An Embargo for the Ages Essay4604 Words   |  19 PagesThe United States and Cuba: An Embargo for the Ages Cuba’s colorful history can be documented to before the days of the American Revolution in 1776, but today, American policy directly affects many Cubans’ lifestyles because of a nearly 45-year-old trade embargo that has been placed on the island nation. It is crucial to analyze the development of Cuba and its neighboring island nations in order to discern the reasons for Cuba’s current political situation with the United States. The followingRead MoreAdvocating Abolition Timeline Transatlantic Slave Trade1876 Words   |  8 Pages1778 1781 1783 1786 1787 1788 1788 Royal Commission is set up to take evidence on the slave trade American War of Independence. France seizes Grenada, Tobago and St Kitts from Britain but retains only Tobago after the Peace of Versailles The Knight vs Wedderburn legal case in Edinburgh rules that enslavement is incompatible with Scots law The Zong case causes outrage and strengthens the abolition campaign: 470 Africans are forced onto the slave ship Zong. The cramped conditions are so appalling thatRead More America and Haiti Essay3384 Words   |  14 Pagesindustry. Unfortunately, the Haitian banking system did not follow this path and was, at this time, perilously close to domination by European interests. (Langley, 1982, 70) In an effort to gain more control over Haitian economic affairs, the United States engaged in a battle with France and Germany over the Banque Nationale. Two banks from the U. S. attempted to obtain control of the bank but lost out to a German bank, which proceeded to ally itself with the Banque’s French managers in an effort toRead MoreEyes of Revenge: The Count of Monte Cristo Essay931 Words   |  4 Pageslarger-than-life-characters. Alexandre Dumas was a French play writer and author from the 19th century and was born July 24, 1802 in the Ville-Cotterets in France. He is the son of an inn keeper’s daughter named Mary Louis Labouret and of a general named Thomas Alexandre Davy la Pailletereie. He is the third child born from his mother. Dumas’ father is the son of Marquis Alexandre Davy La Pailleterie who married his grandmother Marie Louise Cessete Dumas, who was a Haitian slave. When his grandparents got marriedRead MoreThe American Civil War : The Bloodiest And Most Gruesome War4070 Words   |  17 PagesEuropean countries, such as France and Britain, slavery was long time abolished. The First Republic voted the abolition of slavery in all of their French colonies. The decree stated that the Convention declares the slavery of the Blacks abolished in all the colonies; consequently, all men, irrespective of colour, living in the colonies are French citizens and will enjoy all the rights provide d by the Constitution.† (France and the Abolition of Slavery). Back in England, the Common Law did not

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Essay about THE TRAIL OF TEARS - 1774 Words

â€Å"Quantie’s weak body shuddered from a blast of cold wind. Still, the proud wife of the Cherokee chief John Ross wrapped a woolen blanket around her shoulders and grabbed the reins.† Leading the final group of Cherokee Indians from their home lands, Chief John Ross thought of an old story that was told by the chiefs before him, of a place where the earth and sky met in the west, this was the place where death awaits. He could not help but fear that this place of death was where his beloved people were being taken after years of persecution and injustice at the hands of white Americans, the proud Indian people were being forced to vacate their lands, leaving behind their homes, businesses and almost everything they owned while traveling to†¦show more content†¦Many Americans saw this act as the government sanctioning of brutality and inhuman treatment of the Indian people and actively protested its passing. President Jackson thought of the Indians as children who needed his guidance and justified their removal as a way of protecting the Indians from the hatred and harassment of the white Americans and as a measure that would allow them to govern themselves in a new land. A passage from the Removal Act reads as follows, no state could achieve proper culture, civilization, and progress, as long as Indians remained within its boundaries. This statement gives a more accurate description of how the American Congress and the President thought of all Indians in America and the Removal Act gave them the justification to further American expansion into Indian tribal lands. By the late 1830s, more than 40 treaties were signed by what was then called the Five Civilized Tribes, which consisted of the Cherokee, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, and Seminoles. Many of these tribes exchanged over 40,000 miles of land in seven states. Three-quarters of Alabama and Florida, as well as parts of Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky and North Carolina became property of the United States after they were traded for lands west of the Mississippi river, which is now Northern Oklahoma. These treaties were signed by the Five Tribes in hopes that the American government would allow them to retain some of their indigenous lands,Show MoreRelatedTrail of Tears1191 Words   |  5 PagesTitle of the Lesson: Trail of Tears Content Area(s): Social Studies, Literature, Technology Unit of Study: Trail of Tears/US History Grade Level: 4-6 Time Frame: Comprehensive Unit/Lesson scheduled to take 3 weeks including reading of novel and a few different projects NCSS Themes: 1. Culture, 2. Time, Continuity and Change 3. People, Places Environment 4. Individual Development and Identity 5. Individuals, Groups, and Institutions 6. Power, authority, and governance Standards: Read MoreThe Trail Of Tears1511 Words   |  7 Pagesbackground of every great civilization it is very easy to see that every civilization has a dark past. For example the United States has shameful things to look back on such as slavery and the forceful moving of the indian tribes also known as the Trail of Tears. This shows that although the country is great and well developed today they all had to do something to get to where they are today. Italy is one of the most influential countries today. This where Christianity, Mythology, and also it was wereRead More Trail of Tears Essay1511 Words   |  7 PagesTrail of Tears Within United States History, there has been some horrible discrimination upon certain races of people. At the trail of tears native Americans were persecuted against heavily. Until 1828 the federal government had Cherokee rights to their land and in that same year Andrew Jackson was elected president and this all ended. On September 15, 1830, at Little Dancing Rabbit Creek, the Chiefs of tribes and representatives of the United States met to discuss a bill recently passed by theRead MoreThe Road Of The Trail Of Tears1334 Words   |  6 PagesThe Trail of Tears has been one of the most controversial government sponsored events in American History. Was America justified in destroying a culture in its pursuit of Manifest Destiny, or did they feel it was their only option in this matter at the time? Based on research, I feel that the American policy of Indian removal and relocation was extremely unethical and unjustified in its motives and execution. Before Europeans arrived in present-day America, the Native Americans were living on millionsRead More The Trail of Tears Essay2169 Words   |  9 PagesThe Trail of Tears â€Å"The Trail of Tears† was a despicable event in American history because of our government’s inhumane treatment of the Cherokee Nation. To the Cherokee Nation, the journey west, called by them â€Å"The Trail Where We Cried,† was a bitter pill forced upon them by a state and federal government that cared little for their culture or society, and even less about justice. To the white settlers, it meant expanding horizons, hope, dreams of riches, and a new life. It wasRead More The Trail of Tears Essay1166 Words   |  5 PagesThe Trail of Tears I walked into the room on New Year’s Day and felt a sudden twinge of fear. My eyes already hurt from the tears I had shed and those tears would not stop even then the last viewing before we had to leave. She lay quietly on the bed with her face as void of emotion as a sheet of paper without the writing. Slowly, I approached the cold lifeless form that was once my mother and gave her a goodbye kiss. I looked around at everyone in the room and saw the sorrow in theirRead MoreThe Trail Of Tears By James Collins1452 Words   |  6 PagesJames Collins Donald West History 201 December 1, 2015 TRAIL OF TEARS The trail of tears is also referred to as the period of Indian s removal. It was a period where Native Americans in the U.S were forcefully relocated following the removal of Indian Removal Act of 1830. Those who were forcibly moved were from Cherokee, Muscogee, Seminole, and Chickasaw and Choctaw nations in the southern U.S, an area initially referred to as the Indian Territory. Migration from Cherokee nation had begun in theRead MoreThe Trail Of Tears By Amy Sturgis1286 Words   |  6 PagesThe Trail of Tears was a huge turning point seen by Amy Sturgis, as clearly shown in her chapter, â€Å"The Trail of Tears as a Turning Point†. Sturgis have separated how the Trail of Tears has affected history into three categories: the world, the US, and for the Cherokee Nation. All three categories intermingle, affecting one another with either a positive or a negative feedback. The United States perspective on the Native people has drastically changed from President to President. â€Å"George WashingtonRead MoreThe Trail Of Tears : American History1631 Words   |  7 PagesWhen people hear about the Trail of Tears, the only thought to really pop up in their mind is a bunch of Indians died while being forced to emigrate from their homes. Many people believe that the Trail of Tears revolves only around the Cherokee Indians because the name came from their language. Of the Cherokee who made it to the west without death taking them, they called this forced removal, â€Å"Nunna Daul Isunyi—The Trail Where We Cried† (Langguth, 311). The Trail of Tears is a blackspot on AmericanRead MoreThe Trail Of Tears As A Turning Point995 Words   |  4 Pages The Trail of Tears as a Turning Point The Cherokee nation, located in North Carolina before their removal, now locate it in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. A great city of great and wonderful people. The trail of tears, which means the place where they cried, does not only describe the removal of the Cherokees from their land, but it also describes the death of so many of them and the loss of their traditional and gorgeous houses. Nowadays, Cherokee descent had created a play that describe what happened to

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North Carolina Agricultural State University Free Essays

Dear Honorable, Governor Easily We are nursing, students at Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina we write this letter to bring to your attention an issue that if discussed enough in our community it might bring about change and save lives. This is hypertension.   I am asking for your help in bringing Hypertension a silent killer of our elderly population to the forefront of our community’s attention. We will write a custom essay sample on North Carolina Agricultural State University or any similar topic only for you Order Now My research partner and I have conducted research on hypertension as a requirement for our community 510 nursing course. With our research, here in Guilford County Greensboro, North Carolina:   we have a direct of understanding hypertension moreover, how its ill effects are distressing our elderly population’s health. With your help, we can bring this issue out by an educational campaign. Our research efforts show a need to help the community become conscious to get involved in the community to necessitate and facilitate our elderly population, living with hypertension due to lack of resources, transportation, diet exercise, obesity, chronic conditions. We have hundreds of seniors in our community here in Guilford County who can benefit by having resources to educate them about the causes risk factors and treatment for hypertension a silent killer. By facilitating things such as transportation to medical appointments, education on lifestyles that are conducive to good health, by getting the community involved during our research project we have had a high success rate in improving the effects of those who suffer hypertension among our elderly. Our research provides a description of the comprehensive study of hypertension within the cumulative, etiology, and the consequence on the populace health of the elderly in our area. This research will expectantly accomplish better education about hypertension for our elderly. Helping changing their lifestyle, an example of educating is as most know a good, diet helps maintain our body due to the FDA’s and the medical community’s at large education campaign promoted on our food packages and thru television and radio adds. Amazingly few seniors realize exercise and diet lowers hypertension, and helps problems with blood pressure levels. Hypertension is a reversible problem given the individual can see the benefits of diet and the implementation of exercise, to change their life through education when made available to them. Your support for community responsiveness of the senior’s living with hypertension is significantly valued. Thank you for your public service Sincerely Linda Wesson and Melinda Valetin North Carolina Agricultural State University                      How to cite North Carolina Agricultural State University, Essay examples

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Ocean Fears free essay sample

I sink fast into the ocean below. Like the auspicious hero in a bad adventure film, I undergo the same strange sensation of suddenly slipping into a pit of life-threatening quicksand. Unlike the hero, who is saved at the last possible second by a vine left by the divine, I continue to descend into the Pacifics dark mesopelagic zone. The piercing teeth and bug eyes of various foreign ocean creatures leave me feeling increasingly anxious. One such creature rips through the water toward me, popping its mouth open before devouring me with a satisfying crunch. Then, as I have many times before, I wake from this reoccurring nightmare with the familiar and frightening sensation of being stripped of my own essence. That occurred less than eleven years ago. Leaving my Taiwan home to live in America not only left me vulnerable to creatures of my own creation, but exposed me to an unfamiliar and seemingly bizarre world where my Hello Kitty satchel, traditional lunch box, and Chinese identity felt unwelcome. We will write a custom essay sample on Ocean Fears or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page To others, this immigration was an opportunity. To me, it was a catalyst that transformed my perspective on life into a mix of the Asian work ethic and the belief in American dreams. To gain entry to the top class, where my intelligent Asian friends were and where they garnered such respect and acceptance, my perspective on life became a mix of the Asian work ethic and the belief in American dreams. Spurring a modern Renaissance within myself, the philosophy I grasped inspired me to take ballet, sculpture, swimming, tennis, gymnastics, and horseback riding classes all in the name of taking advantage of the opportunities that were available to me. I stayed up all night teaching myself advanced math, reading Dunant’s The Birth of Venus, and contemplating symbolism in music. Because of trying times, I turned to God, keeping a strong and close relationship with him that has lead me to want to help others in hard times at the Baylor hospital, the childrens museum in Dallas, in Christian youth missions, and at my local church. Looking back, Im thankful to my parents for putting me through those copious social and academic adversities. Because of this experience, Ive come to understand abstract concepts beyond my years, have found somewhat of a balance between two diverse cultures, and discovered that Im pretty happy where I am. Last weekend, I watched my brother at his soccer game, helped him with his Kumon homework, had a long conversation with my father over Taiwan politics, and went on a walk with a close friend while discussing early Greek art, whos voting for whom and where well be in ten years. My identity has now become a combination of all my diverse encounters in life. The ultimate lesson Ive learned from this experience is evident in this old, tried- and-true Chinese proverb: A frog in a well knows not of the ocean. I dont believe I understand the whole world just yet, but Ive crossed the ocean, lived somewhere outside of my well, and discovered in the process, a world of dreams and possibilities instead of nightmares.

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Italian Quotation Marks (Fra Virgolette) Types and Uses

Italian Quotation Marks (Fra Virgolette) Types and Uses Italian quotation marks (le virgolette) are sometimes treated as an afterthought in the classroom and in textbooks, but to English-speaking natives reading Italian newspapers, magazines, or books, its obvious there are differences in both the symbols themselves and how they’re used. In Italian, quotation marks are used to give a word or phrase a particular emphasis, and they’re also used to indicate citations and direct discourse (discorso diretto). In addition, quotation marks are used in Italian to point out jargon and dialect as well as to denote technical and foreign phrases. Types of Italian Quotation Marks Caporali ( «  »): These arrow-like punctuation marks are the traditional Italian quotation mark glyphs (in fact, theyre also used in other languages, including Albanian, French, Greek, Norwegian, , and Vietnamese). Typographically speaking, the line segments are referred to as guillemets, a diminutive of the French name Guillaume (whose equivalent in English is William), after the French printer and punchcutter Guillaume le Bà © (1525–1598).  «  » are the standard, primary form for marking up quotations, and in older textbooks, manuscripts, newspapers, and other printed material, are usually the only type encountered. The use of caporali ( «  ») begin to diminish with the advent of desktop publishing in the 80s, since a number of font sets did not make those characters available. The newspaper Corriere della Sera (to point out just one example), as a matter of typographical style, continues to use caporali, both in the printed version and online. For instance, in an article about the high-speed train service between Milano and Bologna, there is this statement, using angled quotation marks, from the president of the Lombardia region:  «Le cose non hanno funzionato come dovevano ». Doppi apici (or alte doppie) ( ): Nowadays these symbols frequently replace the traditional Italian quotation marks. For example, the newspaper La Repubblica, in an article regarding the possible merger of Alitalia with Air France-KLM, featured this direct quote: Non abbiamo presentato alcuna offerta ma non siamo fuori dalla competizione. Singoli apici (or alte semplici) ( ): In Italian, single quotation marks are typically used for a quotation enclosed inside another quotation (so-called nested quotations). Theyre also used to indicate words used ironically or with some reservation. An example from an Italian-English translation discussion board: Giuseppe ha scritto:  «Il termine inglese free ha un doppio significato e corrisponde sia allitaliano libero che gratuito. Questo puà ² generare ambiguit ». Typing Italian Quotation Marks To type  « and  » on computers: For Windows users, type  « by holding Alt 0171 and  » by holding Alt 0187. For Macintosh users, type  « as Option-Backslash and  » as Option-Shift-Backslash. (This applies to all English-language keyboard layouts supplied with the operating system, e.g. Australian, British, Canadian, U.S., and U.S. Extended. Other language layouts may differ. The backslash is this key: \) As a shortcut, caporali can easily be replicated with the double inequality characters or (but which typographically speaking, though, are not the same). Usage of Italian Quotation Marks Unlike in English, punctuation such as commas and periods are placed outside the quote marks when writing in Italian. For example:  «Leggo questa rivista da molto tempo ». This style holds true even when doppi apici are used instead of caporali: Leggo questa rivista da molto tempo. The same sentence in English, though, is written: Ive been reading this magazine for a long time. Given that certain publications use caporali, and others use doppi apici, how does one decide which Italian quotation marks to use, and when? Provided that the general usage rules are adhered to (using double quotation marks to signal direct discourse or point out jargon, for example, and single quotation marks in nested quotations), the only guidelines are to adhere to a consistent style throughout a text. Personal preference, corporate style, (or even character support) may dictate whether  «  » or are used, but there is no difference, grammatically speaking. Just remember to quote accurately!

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Background on the Killing of Harambe the Gorilla

Background on the Killing of Harambe the Gorilla On May 28, 2016, an employee at the Cincinatti Zoo and Botanical Garden shot and killed a silver-back gorilla named Harambe after a small child wandered from his mother and fell into Harambe’s habitat. The gorilla, who was alarmed by the child, a sudden interruption to his normally routine life in captivity, became agitated. Zoo officials chose to kill the gorilla before he could harm the child. The boy survived, suffering minor injuries and a concussion. The Debate Could there have been a better way to handle this situation, given how quickly the events transpired? This became the central question of a nationwide debate that transpired on social media and in news outlets, after video of the incident was published and circulated on Youtube. Many felt that the zoo could have handled the situation differently and believed that the killing of the animal was cruel and unnecessary, especially considering the silver-backed gorilla’s status as a critically endangered species. Petitions circulated on Facebook asking for the mother, a childcare worker, to be arrested for child endangerment. One petition garnered almost 200,000 signatures. The incident raised questions of zoo maintenance, security, and standards of care. It even reignited a public debate over the ethics of keeping animals in captivity. Investigations of the Incident The Cincinnati Police Department investigated the incident  but decided not to press charges against the mother, despite widespread public support for a negligence charge. The USDA also investigated the zoo, which had been cited previously on unrelated charges, including for security concerns in the polar bear habitat. As of August 2016, no charges have been filed. Notable Responses The debate over Harambe’s death was widespread, even reaching as high up as then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, who stated that it was â€Å"too bad there wasn’t another way.† Many public figures blamed the zookeepers, arguing that had the gorilla been given just a few more moments, he would have handed the child off to humans as other gorillas living in captivity have done. Others asked why a tranquilizer bullet could not have been used. Said Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, â€Å"The killing of Harambe saddened the nation, because this magnificent creature did not place himself into this captive setting and did nothing wrong at any stage of this incident.† Others, including zookeeper Jack Hanna and legendary primatologist and animal rights activist Jane Goodall, defended the zoo’s decision. Although Goodall originally stated that it seemed in the video that Harambe was trying to protect the child, she later clarified her position that the zookeepers did not have a choice. â€Å"When people come into contact with wild animals, life and death decisions sometimes have to be made,† she said. Significance to Animal Rights Movement Like the killing of Cecil the Lion by an American dentist one year prior, the widespread public outcry over Harambe’s death was viewed as a significant win for the animal rights movement, despite its tragic catalyst. That these issues became such high-profile stories, covered by The New York Times, CNN, and other major outlets and discussed on social media broadly, marks a change in the way the public engages with animal rights stories in general.

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Building Surveyor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Building Surveyor - Essay Example If we want to know the about the importance of the Building Surveying then first we will have to know about the Building Surveying. Building Surveying is the geometric measurement of the building in plan, section and elevation. Cutting edge equipments are used to perform a wide variety of measurement surveys. Robotic laser instruments are used to electronically observation and digitally recording of the surveys. Distances are electronically measured with light beams. Position is fixed with the help of a technology known as satellite positioning technology (GPS). Construction machines can be automatically guided by satellites and laser beams. We use Laser scanners for obtaining 'clouds' of points to create digital 3-D models of our environment for planning and development purposes. Use of the Computer-aided tacheometry and photogrammetry increases day by day for surveying building geometry. Manual methods such as tape, measuring-stick or laser-distance meter are also used for buildings.